Cross Edge Trailer

Have you seen the trailer for the JRPG Cross Edge on the PlayStation Blog today?  Is this meant to make us buy the game?!

Truly I am amazed that a trailer like this is allowed to be released.  Is it tongue in cheek?  I hope so for the developers sake.   Although I suspect not.  I often wonder whether the voices sound as bad as this in the original versions in Japan.  Or do they just make them awful for us?

This sounds like a game sound track from the mid 80’s, and whilst we in Blighty appear to be in the middle of an 80’s revival, is this where we want our games to go?  Of course if the game, on closer inspection contains the work of Lady Ga Ga, I will bow to the coolness of its creators.  It won’t of course.

Imagine if Final Fantasy VII had been promoted with this kind of trailer would anyone have bought it in the West?  Would it have ever become anything more than a cult hit?  No.  It wouldn’t.  I love JRPG’s.  I want a decent one on my PS3.  I’m guessing this isn’t it.Ok so the cover looks alright...

Watch the trailer here:

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