MGS 5 Looks Likely for E3

Kojima Productions has been running a teaser countdown (found here) for some time now, and as E3 draws near, details of their upcoming game are becoming clearer. As of this evening, the site now reveals what we can only assume to be Metal Gear Solid‘s own Big Boss.  The countdown clock on the weppage ends June 1st, a day before the official start of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. What does it all mean? The best guess is that a fifth Metal Gear Solid game will be announced at Sony’s E3 press conference.

But that’s not all…

An issue of Famitsu has also leaked on the net, and those of you with sharp eyes and an understanding of the Japanese language may notice that the article purports to discuss the next Metal Gear with none other than Hideo Kojima himself. In the interview, Kojima lets slip that he is once again overseeing design and direction of the game (so much for retiring from MGS.) Additionally, he notes that the title is being developed by the staff from MGS4, a game that is considered by many to be the best on the PS3. If you would like a more complete translation of the article’s text, head over to IGN by clicking here. The wording is incredibly hard to follow as Famitsu apparently had to censor almost every important detail about the game; however, there is some indication that MGS5 might release on systems other than the Playstation.

For those of you who can’t read Japanese, you’ll be happy to know that the magazine has some pretty pictures. Big Boss is there, just as he is in the website; but he’s not alone… Raiden’s there as well. Check it out (via The Escapist.)

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