Who Is Luis Lopez And What Can We Expect In GTAIV Episode Two

Confused who Luis Lopez is? Don’t worry, Platform Nation is here to let you know who he is, and what we think will be happening in GTAIV: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

For starters, who is he?

How about a picture:


Luis Fernando Lopez, Age 26

Luis is the youngest out of the characters in the game, with Johnny Klebitz being 35 and Niko Bellic being 30. So will be a breath of fresh air to the game, being 26 years old might mean he is more dangerous, and has a much more flexible approach to life, and is just in it to enjoy it.

The press release lists him as a part-time hoodlum and full-time assistant, but there is much more to Luis that meets the eye. He is a Dominican-American gangsters who is associated with the Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers. You can imagine that he has had a tough life, living in the streets, dealing drugs, running from the police. Although Niko may have had these experiences, Luis has done them to the extreme and must know some pretty bad people.

He works for Gay Tony (Anthony Prince)(Who is obviously in the title of the DLC). Gay Tony owns a nightclub in Liberty City and is very close to Gracie Ancelotti (SPOILERS: Who is the woman that you kidnap and exchange for diamonds in the mission I’ll Take Her…), so she may be coming back into the story, or at least cross paths with Luis.

Did I forget to mention that Gay Tony was broke? And with Luis being his bodyguard and assistant, there is a high chance that Luis will be doing lots of dark jobs for Gay Tony as he tries to rise back into the riches.


Gay Tony, Anthony Prince, Age Unknown

Now you may be thinking, fair enough, when i was playing as Niko, i can remember seeing Johnny at some points throughout the game. But you’ve never seen Luis…right?

Wrong! The following screenshots are about to blow your mind.


Three Leaf Clover, Niko Mission

Luis is in the queue in the bank and is one of the hostages, when another one of the hostages suggests that they try and fight Niko, Luis says that it would be a bad idea, and ignoring the advice, the other hostage gets shot and killed. Luis then escaped without been shot.


Museum Piece, Johnny and Niko Mission

That’s right, Luis, Johnny and Niko all in the same place, doing the same mission, from different points of view. Gay Tony has sent Luis to go and collect the diamonds from the Jewish Mob as they are exchanging them with Niko and Johnny. So this means that even though Johnny and Niko had worked together, Luis is on the other end of the spectrum and is enemies with all of Niko and Johnny’s friends. People have also mentioned that in this mission, they can see Luis shooting out of one of the top windows of the museum. The circle is complete.

What can we expect from this episode in the GTA4 series?

More Weapons, More Shooting, More Betrayal and knowing Rockstar Games, more penis….

Keep checking and when new information comes out, this will be the first place to hear it!

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  • That’s interesting, I would have never remembered meeting Luis if I had not read this.

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