MAG Will Be Playable at E3

VG247 has reported that Sony’s 256-player Massive Action Game will be playable at next month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Seven-player squads of journalists will head into battle under the lead of Zipper Interactive developers. Unlike earlier demos of the game (which featured only 128 players,) the E3 demos will fill the map with 256 user-controlled players at the same time.

I expect we’ll hear good things from a number of press outlets who get hands-on with MAG. of course, we can expect the conditions of play to be carefully controlled by Sony. Lag should be nonexistent, considering that the game will likely use a dedicated on-site server, and that every player will be in the same building. My advice is to not let the E3 hype fool you; the conditions of this public showing won’t match those in the real world. Nonetheless, it should be interesting to see how the game performs under ideal circumstances. Even then, it can’t be guaranteed that chaos won’t ensue with so many people on a map at once.

Hopefully, Platform Nation’s own Steve519 will be able to report back with some firsthand news about the game; he’ll be representing P*N at the expo from June 2-4.

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