PS3 iTrophies – Your Ultimate PS3/iPhone Trophy App

itrophiesWe wanted to highlight a pretty cool that was brought to our attention that you can find in the Apple App Store. We are talking about iTrophies for your iPhone or iPod touch and as of today, it was just upgraded to ver 2.0 with added several new features that I will get into in just a little bit.


iTrophies is a handy app that syncs your own PlayStation Trophy data to your iPhone and not only allows you to see which trophies you have earned but which ones you still have to get. One thing pretty unique with iTrophies that seems to set it apart from the crowd is that fact that is actually supports live syncing, so no longer will you have to manually select each trophy that you have earned. With the help of a set by set guide which is found over on their website they will help you do the hard part in a matter of minutes.


Another thing that PS3 iTrophies allows is the ability to look at the live status of everyone on your friends list, yo uwill be able to see if they are online or not, their comments, what they are playing, and even compare overall trophy stats with them.


PS3 iTrophies also contains a break down off all your games, showing you which trophies you have earned and which you still have to get, along with info about how to get them. And what info does it give you? Well, not only does it give you a brief description of the trophy, but it also searches YouTube for videos guides on how to achieve them. As you can see in the picture below, several video guides were found to help figure out how to get the “Repair your car” trophy in Burnout Paradise.


Now PS3 iTrophies has many things going for it, but that doesn’t mean that it is perfect. Having to manually put your PSN ID login into it every time does get annoying, as does the fact that even though you can compare overall trophies against your friends, PS3 iTrophies lack’s the ability to compare with each individual title, thus you don’t get the whole picture while comparing against your friends.

Steve’s final say: If you are a trophy junkie and have an iPhone, there is no question, this is a must have app, you will not be disappointed.

PS3 iTrophies is available now in the Apple iTunes store for a price of $1.99, if you are interested in picking it up, just click here PS3 iTrophies

UPDATE: Under the settings menu you have the ability of not only saving your login information, but also enabling auto-login. Also, please remember that you are entering your PSN account info in a non Sony app, if you have your credit card info on your account you might want to think twice. I don’t have any of my credit card info on my account so to me I’m not to worried about it, plus I rather just use PSN Cards as it is much harder to make those regrettable purchases.

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  • Thanks very much for writing about my app, I apreciate it.

    Just one correction though, you don’t have to enter login details everytime. Go to Settings on your iPhone and select iTrophies in the list. You can set “Remember details” to on. Also, you can turn on Auto Sign in from the settings menu.

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  • mr neutral

    Re account/credit card security.

    Set up a sub account as your main Playstation id for your everyday usage.

    Then you don’t have to expose your master account or credit card info wherever else you login – as it’s only used from the PS3 itself for downloads and management.

    Since accounts are free on PSN it’s a win win scenario.

    Also as wider and wider usage/integration occurs the threat of your master account itself being hijacked is still an issue – even if you don’t store credit card info.

    Depending on how many trophies already accumulated you may want to consider ditching them now for a new id via sub accounts rather than losing even more in 3 years if your master account gets hijacked. That would be more painful and harder to recover from.

  • alexi

    that looks pretty cool. might have to buy an iphone just for this. lol
    btw, no trophy skillz! haha

  • Pretty sweet app really makes me wish I had an iphone. Oh yeah did I mention I switched from achievements to trophies last week? After passing 100k gamerscore I decided it was time to dominate the trophies, I’m coming for you Steve! lol