Tony Hawk Ride $120


Tony Hawks newest game that is set to come with a skateboard peripheral is priced at $120 according to GameStop.  Tony Hawks Ride is set to release October 13.  The new title is to be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii.  The wireless motion sensing skateboard is intended to give the player a realistic type of gameplay.

The price of game peripherals are a little high for me with Rock Band: The Beatles at $250 and now a Tony Hawk title hitting $120 for the board and game seems like a little much, but that’s me and I know this game will sell pretty good with the Tony Hawk fans.

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  • foomojive

    I am a skater and I can’t see how this game could possibly succeed. You can buy a really good skateboard complete for less than $120. I’d rather go skate than play a game on a board about skating. For those that aren’t skaters I imagine they’d be worried they’d hurt themselves and prefer a controller. It’s a lose lose deal. EA Skate 2 is so awesome already I just don’t see how a plastic board would be any better when you can get fine-tuned control with your hands.

    • I agree with you on this foomojive. Doing it for real is not only going to me more enjoyable, but also cheaper. Bad call Tony Hawk!