Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: COD3


Also known as GTNPA! Rolls right off the tongue don’t it? COD3 was made by the lovely dumplings at Treyarch, who have been given a stint of ‘failure’ for the past few years. But quite frankly, it’s not their fault, I blame politics. Well, not our politics right now (although they haven’t done much right) but the politics within the gaming industry. Namely, Activision. In the gap year between COD2 and Modern Warfare, Activision looked at the best-selling franchises and saw a yearly investment. But ol’ Infinity Ward were busy at work on one of the best first-person shooters ever… so who did Activision turn to? Treyarch of course.

COD3 plays just like any other COD but with more graphical polish. The weapons were imported the same CODs years back and even the graphical polish isn’t that good. But what stands out from it is the fact that it took 8 months to make, deliver, polish and publish – I don’t know about being in the gaming industry but that is a lot to ask for from any developer. They also had to max out the multiplayer potential and put it as the ticket to ‘next-gen COD’, well we all know where that went. But the multiplayer potential was extraordinary, it featured one of the largest player allowances seen in a console title: 24 on both the PS3 and 360. First time on CODies


Now, the Wii version was a travesty. No multiplayer, awful sound, barely any graphical taste and quite possibly one of the worst Wii games around. I only got to play it a few times but it is almost an actual disgrace to the COD franchise. However, the PS3 and 360 versions hold up solid and deliver an experience which is actually kind of moving. The story is always simple, nazis come in, kill them, zomg officer dies. But it’s so simply and stupidly done that the repetition of WWII games… it just almost makes it funny. HAHAHAHAHA PEOPLE DIED IN THE WAR HAHAHAHAHAHA. But not in that sense of course.

What Treyarch did was make a game. Nothing special, nothing bad. It’s a solid first-person shooter which does hold it’s ground for most of the time and you should treat it like a game. We all expect something special from video-games, but you should go into this one without any regard for it being untrue to the COD franchise. If you take into account the absolute awful controls, the motion sensing/ button fiddling section fights, the dodgy AI and the stupid over-used ‘omg we’re killing nazis we might be evil’ plot setting… then yeah it sucks.

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  • Just recently sold an unopened copy of this game on eBay. Hehe.

  • at the same time though, COD2, made by Infinity Ward, was so much more enjoyable then COD3.

    Ahh, COD2, those were some good days I had with that game.

  • Joe Byrne

    CoD2 and Modern Warfare are much better games and I still play CoD2 regularly for giggles, CoD3 was just horrible, although it was one of the first games I played on Xbox Live, so it was fun for a… few hours.

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