Lionhead Studios Tweets a Big E3 Tease

By Jason Wadsworth


Lionhead Studios, developer of the Fable games and consequently what might be the best use of flatulence in a video game, announced via their twitter feed today that they would be participating in Microsoft’s upcoming E3 press conference. Lionhead teases that they will be giving a “big presentation” and encourages everyone to watch their twitter feed for more details.

In case of the failure of the above image, here is the tweet from the Lionhead Studios feed:

“Lionhead is off to LA for this years E3 and will give a big presentation at the Microsoft press conference on Monday! Watch this space!”

At this point all anyone can do is speculate as to what Lionhead’s presentation will be. But hey, what else are we all going to do to pass the time until E3 starts next week?

When E3 does start, however, we’ll be here keeping you up to date with all of the big news and announcements from the show so don’t forget to check back often.

Source: Lionhead Studios (via Twitter)

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