VidZone – Free Streaming for EU and Australia

It’s not news but it is on its way.  VidZone has a rumored 4th June release date in Europe and Australia for the PlayStation 3 and those with EU accounts received a mail this week announcing its imminent arrival.

Firstly its good to see that despite the economic back drop Sony is still prepared to try new things with their machine and this is a free service, unlike the Sky/Xbox deal announced today.  Secondly having access to music videos is a pretty cool feature and knowing Sony the front end will look the business but I have concerns.

Sure it’s cool that the EU is getting something before the States and Japan but is this a feature like Life with PlayStation that will rarely get used because it’s a little half baked?  There is the potential for great deal of content, with over 1.5 million videos from Sony BMG and EMI, but is this not just something we could get from YouTube?

Of course they will also be throwing in the ever useful Remote Play feature so that you can access the content whilst you are away from your PS3 via your PSP.  It’s tricky at best to get Remote Play to work no matter how much you play around with your router and at the moment the UK is still some way behind the States and Japan in terms of WiFi availability.  Remote Play is one of the reasons to own a PSP if you can get it to work anywhere other than your front room on your own network.

VidZone is not going to be a console seller, where as the ability to buy content from Sky and watch their content through your 360 is.  Microsoft just keeps trumping Sony’s black monolith.

What continues to baffle the best of us is Sony’s perseverance with separate regions being managed and maintained in different ways.  Home is different depending on where you live and the EU is yet to receive the Video on Demand service that the Americans have been enjoying for nearly a year.  Yes Sony is huge sprawling multinational company but it would be nice to see them unify their machine so that we all had the same features available to us.

So if you’re in the States you’re not getting VidZone.  But don’t get too upset, because I’m not sure we’re all that excited.


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