Chat with Tim “MF” Schafer Live

chariotAs if you need yet another reason to get on Twitter next week (uh, you did know about our upcoming Liveblogging of the major E3 press conferences, right?), Electronic Arts has announced that you’ll be able to ask questions directly to Tim Schafer about his upcoming game, Brütal Legend.

According to the announcement:

For your chance to chat exclusively with Tim Schafer immediately following the first day of E3, logon to Twitter at 6pm PST on Tuesday, June 2, and send your questions about Brütal Legend to @BrutalLegend using the following Twitter hashtag – #E3BL. Then from 7pm to 8pm, Tim Schafer will join us live to answer all your questions about Brütal Legend. Don’t have a Twitter account but got a question for Tim? We got you covered, just head over to and submit your question via the site.

Just so you know.

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