Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Red Faction

Red Faction is an age old shooter from Volition Games and THQ, it tells the tale of a group of miners stranded on Mars working for a corporate toying thingy. As plague, disease and other dangers threaten the miners, along with the elite forces of guards from the corporation – one man chooses to stand up! You just so happen to play that guy – Parker, he came to Mars looking for an escape but all he has found is chocolate rainbows and rubber smiles… in other words: horror. Now you must lead Parker to his destiny and fight the devil in a battle of brains!

Aha, just led you in the with the worst intro ever. It doesn’t describe anything about Red Faction and you don’t even know what type of game it is… FPS by the way… and quite frankly – it can’t be described well. It’s unique, which is awfully odd for an FPS, it was revolutionary at the time it was made. It follows an example that destructions, explosions and downright fun gameplay elements can be coupelled together to make something simple and fun. Which is not what many FPSs do today, to be brutally honest, I haven’t really seen a unique FPS since COD4 or TF2.


The story in Red Faction is as linear as it gets, it can be described as “look, escape, run, shoot, plague, zomg, hey, betrayal…” but it does have some surprises up it’s sleeve. Which isn’t what you expect from an FPS when it was shaking around. It was all told in this rich narrative from a tech wizard called Hendrix and a few other resistance fighters. Ultor, the big national corporation making everything hell, seems to be set up as the big-finishing-finale boss… but it all twists and turns along with the narrative. Strangely enough, this FPS has complex drama and characterisation ZOMG! WTF! BBQ?!

Destruction is a big part in Red Faction, you can blow a hole in nearly everything (notice my choice of the word ‘hole’) and can even make tunnels. When I was younger, I spent ages just exploding tunnels with one my friends in multiplayer, which I never got to really try out, and it was downright fun! Games ask a lot of themselves today, complex stories, complex gameplay devices and the highest budgets possible etc. But what Red Faction did was come from a small little studio as one of the early titles for the PS2 and it shined so bright that it did what most good games do, make a bloody franchise.


Red Faction II was a disappointment on so many levels. Gone was the ultimate destruction and fun-ness that made Red Faction I stand out, gone was the complex and deep narrative and gone was everything that made Red Faction, Red Faction. Now we see Red Faction: Guerrilla being launched this June and I godamn hope it shines again. I played the Demo not too long ago for this and it did finally go back to the basics with over-the-top destruction. It doesn’t concentrate too much on the weaponry and make the same mistakes that II did either, hopefully it’ll show the world what Red Faction can do… oh and it has a giant hammer.

These are all fond memories of mine, the Red Faction series, and these age old series mean something to me. They were part of my childhood, my teenhood and they’ll carry with me until I die. Or we are  all enslaved by Ultor and thrusted on to Mars to work day in and day out in a mining colony. Yeah, as if that’ll happen…

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  • Cro

    i havent hear of red faction until i saw the demo on my dashboard for my 360 i downloaded the mp demo and sp demo the sp demo for me was ok but the mp demo i have been addicted to not many games get me addicted to them the only games that have ever got me addicted to them are cod4 mario kart 64 super ,Wave race, and backyard baseball so hopefully Red Faction Guerrilla will be an amazing game

  • Alphathon

    I tried out the single player demo and it seemed a bit meh to me. That said I wasn’t all that big a fan of the original Red Faction. I didn’t get it until a few years after the fact, by which time the graphics were a bit dated, and while fun I didn’t find the multiplayer all that special. Of course I was spoiled at the time by the likes of timeplitters 2 and many FPSs on PC, so it’s not really surprising. It felt like a step in the right direction in terms of destruction, but was just too crude for me (Idealy I’d have it somewhere between Red Faction and BF: Bad Company)

  • SonitrolCP

    I love Red Faction