It’s Time For Another, 2009, E3 Predictions

With the Real Gamers’ Christmas (also known as E3) around the corner, people start to think about all the wild and crazy things that the big three hardware companies (Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony) will have to announce to wow the gaming community.

Personally, as a fan of the Nintendo and Sony camps, I believe that this year they both need something big. Last year’s announcements were mediocre at best with the promise of the new Wii Motion Plus (which STILL not released to the public as of the writing of this article) and Sony promising that their console will be around for the full 10-year cycle.

Microsoft won “best in show” last year in my opinion with announcement of Final Fantasy 13 going multi-platform. Even though it pains me to admit this, Microsoft had the most to offer all of its gaming audiences.

For this year’s event, here is what I’m looking for from each of the Big 3. For an added bonus, I even threw in a few predictions for Square Enix.


  • A new Mario game- Super Mario Galaxy was a huge success, and is now almost a year and a half old.
  • There should also be a new console Zelda game where the focus is on the use of the Wii-Motion Plus peripheral. I also expect additional details for the “Legend of Zelda Train Spirits” game.
  • New Wii colors; When the Wii first graced our presence in 2004/2005, it was shown in various color schemes which I was excited to see, unfortunately, they have only been available in white. With the Wii starting to become more and more available for purchase in stores, what better way to stimulate hardware sales than to release the system in new colors? I for one will pick up a black one.
  • A game based on Shigeru Miyamoto’s latest hobby. I’m not sure what he will be able to bring to the table this time, but I’m still curious… just no stamp collecting please.


  • A PS3 price drop- In today’s economy, Sony cannot expect to sell consoles with that initial sticker shock. Yes, they are “pound for pound” the cheapest console, but expecting people who are barely making ends meet to see that right away is unreasonable. Yes, it was nice that they dropped the PS2 to $99, but who doesn’t have one of those in their basement?
  • Hardware Redesign- I read an article somewhere stating they felt it was just about that time for the announcing of a slimmer “PSThree“. Unless they are bringing Backwards Compatibility back, I think they should hold off on this announcement.
  • The new PSP- There has been so much talk about it in forums across the Internet, what a great time to put the rumors to rest and answer the public. Expect a “UMD-less” model to encourage use of the PlayStation Store.
  • The release date for God of War III and in game packaging of GOW 1 & 2 for the collector’s edition
  • A new Jak and Daxter and/or Sly Cooper game – They owe their fans for losing Final Fantasy to…


  • They will announce their motion sensing controls and video recognition camera.
  • Possibly the “Zune phone” that will play games & music; this system will be set to challenge the iPhone specifically.
  • The announcing of a timed exclusive they were able to steal from Nintendo.


  • Kingdom Hearts 3- need I say more? I do? oh… well, with Kingdom Hearts being released in 2005 (2006 for N. America) and Square Enix giving everyone the Runaround for FF XIII, what better time to unveil a new trailer or actual game play.
  • The announcement of their new MMORPG- Final Fantasy 11 did not get a graphical update or an official release for the PS3, which only leads me to believe that they have something up their sleeves.
  • I think it’s time for another teasing of a Final Fantasy 7 remake. Even though they “have no plans”, it’s always fun to get the Internet buzzing with rumors, right?

Finally, I would like to take this time to state that if I get these predictions right, I plan to attempt the Powerball the following week. If I don’t, well, I can always be a weatherman…

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