More characters unveiled for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Game Trailers TV unveiled a new trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and not only did it highlight the awesome power of Spider-Man, Wolverine and Deadpool but it also revealed that Juggernaut, the Green Goblin and Venom would be in the highly anticipated sequel.

For those of you unfamiliar with the title – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 will see a civil war between the superheros due to a new Government “Super Hero Registration Act”. At the start of the game you’ll be forced to side with the Pro-Registration side headed by Iron Man and Mr Fantastic or the Anti-Registration side lead by Captain America and Luke Cage. All of the other characters in the game will choose their side as the game progressed – although we have no idea who will be playable yet.

Hopefully we’ll have a better idea at E3 where the game is expected to be showcased.

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  • ATC 1982

    Also check closesly at the .44 /.45 second mark and pause it. Appears to be cable or some other robotic guy. Also if your on the .45 it appears to be War Machine in the picture as well. Still trying to figure out the guy at the .52/.53 sec mark as well. Pausing at the 101 mark we see lady death strike in action as well it appears. Think the guy in flames is Jack O Lantern. Pausing at the 3/4 mark of 1 minute 9 secs you can see that War Hammer is the person firing the weapon. Some of these might just be NPC who help, but just trying to give you all a break down more closely.