This Might be the New PSP Go

PSP Go! Closed

Sony was supposed to unveil its new PSP at E3 this year, but it seems someone beat them to the punch.  Rumors about the design of the new PSP Go have been circulating the internet for a while now, and this seems to be the most realistic rumor we’ve had so far.

The PSP Go shown in these pictures sports a slider screen that opens up to the D-Pad, one (yes, unfortunately only one) joystick, the start/select buttons, and the familiar 4 Playstation buttons. I would also assume it has the shoulder buttons as well.

PSP Go! Open

It’s supposed to be a 16GB device that supports only downloadable games, which means no more UMDs.  Also, it is not supposed to be in competition with the current PSP-3000.  Sources have stated that they will continue to release hardware for the PSP-3000 for a while at least, although it’s hard to believe that they will continue it for much longer after a newer version is out.  Sony does boast a 10 year cycle on their consoles though so you never know.

Anyway, this is all speculation for now, but it does seem that these are real photos that have been leaked.  Until Sony makes an official announcement stating otherwise, I think this may be the PSP Go.

(Sony’s E3 Press Conference is on June 2, at 11 am.)

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  • “might be”? no IT IS! I don’t think that this would be a rumor as the upcoming Qore video was leaked and Confirms the PSP GO! Plus those are official pictures from Sony that Eurogamer got.

  • theamazingjaime


  • Looks cool, but needs a sim card reader. Let it me a phone too. Now that would be cool.

  • Looks good but no touchscreen.

  • Jose Colmenares

    Yeah you would think they’d at least put a touchscreen on it. And making it a phone would have been cool. Maybe they’ll add those features to the PSP Go-2000 series, haha.

  • Does anyone else think it’s fugly?

    And unless it adds something cool like a touchscreen, dual stick (we know that isn’t happening) then it does not warrant a purchase from myself.

  • Michael Cooper (Snaven Shake)

    Totally agree with you Steve, and it seems like it would be ridiculously uncomfortable to hold. Plus what is the point, if they aren’t replacing the PSP 3000.

    Protip Sony: If you aren’t selling consoles, spending more money on a redesign is a pretty bad idea.


  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    No 3G means no purchase for me.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Hmmm…after hearing about the tethering and the Bluetooth, I will keep an open mind.

    With my HTC Touch Pro 2 or if I decide to stick with my G1, I will be able to get online anytime I wish.

    I’m just waiting to hear if I’ll be able to access the complete PSN(instead of just the PSP store) on the device or if I’ll have to relay on Remote Play still.

  • Cro

    i had an orignal psp and it was fine with me theyre making to many verison just like nintendo did with the game boy but it looks ok

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