DJ Hero Makes A Debut

Guitar Hero not your cup o’ tea? Well then, perhaps a plastic turntable is more to your liking. Earlier this month Activision officially announced DJ Hero, and since then we’ve seen several screenshots hinting at gameplay and control features. Activision has begun rolling out teasers for the Fall ’09 release, and the official debut trailer has hit the internet. Check it out (via GameVideos) below.


Joystiq has described the controls for DJ Hero as “drawing within the lines.” Quite frankly, it all seems unappealingly complicated to me, but then again I’m not exactly the type of person that this game is trying to appeal to. Who knows, maybe DJ Hero will come along and be even bigger the Guitar Hero 5; if nothing else, I expect that the sales of vinyl turntables will suddenly spike after the game releases this fall.

  • Cro

    im sorry to say but this looks really stupid