PlayStation Blog Gets Everyone That Showed Into E3

The Sony Blog Pre E3 2009 community meet up in Los Angeles delivered in many ways. From the food, to the free swag, to the hands on Socom: Fire Team Bravo 3 for PSP game time, to the amazing service, but most importantly the major and incredible surprise. Jeff Rubenstein-Social Media Manager for Sony stood up on top of a table, and started his thank you’s to all that showed for the meet up, while the crowed cheered on in enlightenment. “We didn’t feel the free food, swag, gaming was enough, we want to give you all more” Ruben said. Everybody looked up at Ruben with anticipation, some screaming we love you, while others yelled out Sony! Ruben proceeded by informing everybody that showed up for the meet up, that they would not only be blessed with a Sony press conference invitation, but they would all be invited to E3 as well! Yes indeed, Sony Blog came through for the community, by giving everybody an opportunity to experience E3 to the fullest. Bravo Sony, Bravo.

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