PS3 Slim May Be Real

When blurry cell phone images of a supposed PS3 Slim leaked last week, I refrained from reporting on them; they looked fake, and I didn’t want to risk what little journalistic reputation I have on rumors and speculation. However, now that Qore has unveiled the PSP Go, a sharp-eyed writer over at PlayStation Lifestyle happened to notice that the supposed packaging for the PS3 Slim looks quite similar to the new box for the PSP:

The box has a strikingly similar layout as the PSP Go box.  The logo on the bottom left hand side, along with the PSN logo, and memory capacity on the bottom right hand side.  Also the Sony, and PlayStation logos in each respective upper corners.  Lastly the colored XMB wave “stripe” across the middle of the box with the PS3/PSP layered over it is the same on each box, just using a different color for each box.

He makes for a compelling argument; and the fact that the new InFamous TV spots say “PS3” at the end rather than “Playstation 3” could mean that this new hardware iteration is quite  real. So then, can we expect a price drop to accompany this new system? I wouldn’t expect it. Note the capacity on the leaked images; these are 120 GB systems, the kind that Sony like to charge out the yin-yang for. If anything, I would expect Sony to leverage the compact size of the system and as a reason to charge the same (if not more) than the current Playstation 3. Check out the leaked images from a Chinese factory below (via 1Up.)