Project Natal Unveiled

We all had a feeling it was coming. We just weren’t sure when, or in what form. The oft-rumored “Xbox Fluid” made it’s worldwide debut today in the form of Project Natal, an ambitious new project from Microsoft.


Project Natal offers not only full body motion recognition, but also face and voice recognition. The new control (or should I say control-less) set up was shown off in video format, in what can only be described as “Wii-Like” in nature, with families crowding around the television making funny movements as they were mimicked on screen.

The initial demo was in my opinion lackluster, featuring a woman who apparently loves taking balls to the face. Warning signals immediately went off in my mind telling me that this is the beginning of the end, and that all future games developed for the Xbox 360 would be nothing more than terrible collections of mini-games.


Peter Molyneux, head of Lionhead Studios had me covered though, and showed off a video demonstration of Milo.

Milo apparently can recognize both facial features, knowing if you are nervous about something, as well as your voice, letting you converse with him, as if he were human.

For my personal take on Project Natal, be sure to check back after E3 concludes for my Down n’ Dirty blowout, featuring impressions of the Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony Press Conferences.

Images grabbed from (Kotaku)