Bulls, Bear and Bethesda!

For all of you that thought E3 was all about games I present to you the follow videos of how Platform Nation unwinds after a long day. Sure we are bringing you all the news you need to know from E3 but there is another side to E3 that not many get to see.
Without further ado I give you m0juice (TQCast), K Rock XP (Squad XP) and, our fearless EIC who shows everyone how it is done, riding the mechanical bull at the Saddle Ranch Restaurant where the annual Bethesda party was held. Little tip: best part of being a designated driver is that video like this do not get taking of you! Stay tuned to TQCast VIP for the videos that are not fit to be public! Jonathan Mayer (Target Demographic) also rode the bull but I did not get the video of it. If someone has the video I would be more then happy to add it

m0juice was so close to making the whole way! Maybe K Rock will do better?

Nope, but that was a valiant effort. Now for Steve519, our EIC, to show us all how to ride a bull!

We have a winner! Steve519, having done this multiple times before makes it all the way to the end of the ride and was only one of two people to ride the bull to the end all night.

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