Games Tha… Events That Nobody Cares About Anymore: E3

You know E3. The electronic entertainment expo… sounds like EA but it’s not, it’s a brilliant collection of video-game conferences and huge epic win announcements. It’s been the source of the industry’s hottest news for almost 15 years and by god has it changed. Every year we’re treated to the greatest and most hyped video-game event of the year, yet we take it for granted how much it’s changed to suit our needs… well.. E3 has currently entered a hybrid phase of old, new and downright silly styles but surely the great olden days will return.. right?


E3 started out as a little event in Los Angeles and it grew over the years to a public hotspot. 60,000 attendees were reported in 2006, and that was just at the height of the power. Exhibitions would launch massive invites to the public to say “hey guys, come play the very next hot video-games.” oh and they also had booth babes. These girls would be paid to stand around waiting for the public gamer to invade the stand, clam around them and try to flirt around. Then they would hand out pamphlets while going up to do sexual positions with the stand ornaments… or was that just my fantasy.

E3 has had it’s ups and downs, even before the massive change, Sony chose 2006 the year to embarrass themselves with the infamous PS3 reveal… and the GIANT ENEMY CRAB. ATTACK IT’S… yeah you know the rest. To say the least, Nintendo hasn’t done much either. 2008 saw the company’s focus go from core to casual, you can argue against this, and even in 2009 they were supporting titles which you wouldn’t play. Unless you’re a 12 year old girl full of spite and envy, you’re not going to want to play ‘STYLE SAVVY’ am I right? Then again, Sony did license a Hannah Montana PSP… and Microsoft decided to lick the spoon with the avatar revamp, which let’s face it, was made to invite new guys.


Is it a bad thing to have casual announcements in core events? I dare say so. E3 is an event about video-games, and video-games are designed to entertain and enthrall us into another world full of entertainment. But a Hannah Montana title, a Style Savvy title, a Bratz video-game only attract a certain audience. Quite cynically, I hate this audience. They love the new Disney, while Disney pump out sequels to classic titles, they think a film is good just because a ‘fit’ person is stamped all over it and they believe a good video-game is justified by the licence it has. Whether that be Hannah Montana or Bratz.

Sorry if I’m ranting on but I thought to back up my opinion, and sorry if it’s not related to E3 and sorry that you’re ugly… :D. Let’s get on shall we. I’ve talked a lot about the downfall of E3 and I’d thought I’d conclude with these thoughts. E3 changed in 2007 to suit various events, with the main thing becoming the E3 Media and Business summit… nice. The event became invite-only, shrinking from 60,000 to 3,000 people in the whole event and by god was there and outrage. E For All was another E3 venture, but requiring $50-$110 to enter and mainly this even was for publishers to just sell their games to gamers.


E3’s come a long while, and it’ll probably stick around for quite a while longer. But quite frankly, I want it public again. They say it pulled out due to financial constraints, which is kinda fair, but at the same time – in a growing industry, we need a GIANT ENEMY CRAB.

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  • sorry totally disagree. have you been to a PAX? its public and you would not be able to play the games that we are playing here without waiting in lines for hours!
    Think about the line if ODST was at PAX.

    so lets keep E3 the way it is now cause this is so much more AWESOME then PAX08 was! I can walk up and play any game at any time and don’t even have to play the “media” card!

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