Rock Band Unplugged Impressions

All of the music, none of the fun.

Part of what makes games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero so popular is the fact that the player feels like they are actually part of Journey, The Rolling Stones, and Pearl Jam. Sure, playing a plastic guitar or drum kit may look stupid, but you really do feel like you’re playing guitar right along with Keith Richards. This is exactly what makes Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP so un-fun.

Rock Band Unplugged takes all the music you enjoy from these different music franchises, strips away all of the musical instruments, and shoe horns you into jumping between each band track in what more closely resembles keeping a bunch of plates spinning than an actual music game.

When you start out with a new song, you begin playing on the guitar track. The PSP’s top and left D-pad buttons and the triangle and circle buttons are used to play the track. After playing what Rock Band Unplugged calls a “phrase” (a short musical segment), the track you are on begins to play itself and you must switch to another track. This process continues until you either complete the song or decide that spinning plates is actually a lot more fun.


It’s too bad really, as this game had a lot of potential to really re-invent this genre. Instead, this game offers no incentive to become good at any one instrument—as they’re all exactly the same. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this stinker.

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  • Somehow I knew something like this would happen. Haven’t tried the demo yet but I can imagine just how bad it’ll be.