Konami Cracks the Whip and Announces New Castlevania

By Jason Wadsworth


At last year’s E3, Konami announced an action/adventure title called “Lords of Shadow”. Though there were some obvious similarities to the Castlevania series, we did not know until yesterday that we were in fact seeing the first looks at the next game in the Castlevania series.

It was still a pleasant surprise for franchise fans, however, when Konami brought Lords of Shadow back to E3 this year with one important difference: the slightly altered moniker, “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.”

As with any Castlevania title worth it’s weight in garlic and crucifixes, Lords of Shadow pits the hero Gabriel – an elite holy knight of The Brotherhood of Light – against the dark supernatural forces of the Lords of Shadow in an effort to save the world and his wife’s imprisoned soul.

The game has some impressive voice acting credits from the likes of Robert Carlyle (28 Weeks Later, Trainspotting, The Full Monty), Patrick Stewart (X-Men, Star Trek: Next Generation),  Natasha McElhone (The Other Boleyn Girl, Californication, The Truman Show) and Jason Isaacs (Black Hawk Down, The Patriot, Harry Potter series).

Kojima Productions is also tied to the project.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is due out sometime in 2010 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Check out the E3 trailer and some screens after the jump.

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