Want to be in a game?

If you have tossed and turned at night dreaming of being in a video game, or you just think it would be cool, then do I have some news for you. You can get yourself into an official Chillingo iPhone game and all it requires is a little creativity. What you have to do is come up with a tagline (no more than 6 characters) for their new game Minigore.


 ~Mail your entry to: [email protected]
To remind ourselves, let’s go briefly over what Minigore is: an awe-inducing representative of the survival shooter species. You step into the shoes of John Gore who finds himself lost in a strange place called the Hardland. Everything would be suitably nice and peaceful if it weren’t for the darned furries. These black creatures seem to have an unexplained grudge against our blue-coated hero, and with so many of them out there John is very lucky to have managed to hold onto his machine gun!
Post your entries to the address in the poster and do it by June 13, 2009. The grand prize is truly epic in proportions; you get to be in the game as a professionally modeled 3d-character, executed in the true Hardgore style! The model will be added to the game in the first update.
The finalists will selected by us at Mountain Sheep and there will be a public vote for the finalists on the Touch Arcade forums where there the talk on the subject is heating up!
These new and never-before-seen screenshots from Minigore should help you find the inspiration.
Our official embassador, Santa, thought up a few example taglines to get you started.
Minigore: Just bleed!(yes, Santa watches the UFC)
Minigore: I ain’t got time to bleed (for all the Predators out there)
Minigore: When the going gets tough!
Minigore: It’s a strange world out there…
Minigore: Die Hard Gore
If more than one people enters the contest with the same entry independently and it so happens that this entry wins, then the Mountain Sheep team will make a Frankenstein model with features from all winners in it!
Chillingo’s Minigore is days away from descending to the Apple Store. The game puts you in control of a little square fellow known as John Gore. Your mission is to defend John from “the Furries,” hairy, round creatures with particularly sharp teeth.  The Furries come in three shapes and sizes: the small Minifurry, the Furry, and the lamentable Giant Furry.  But be warned — blast a Giant Furry and the problem only gets worse; it will split into several Furries which, if destroyed, themselves split into Minifurries like the Russian Nesting Dolls but with a vengeance.
~Look for a review here on Platform Nation~

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