Activision: You shoulda put a ring on it!

By Victor Duwon Jackson


In Santa Monica, Ca yesterday, game developer Activision has filed a lawsuit against developer Double Fine Productions inc. to halt the release of the much anticipated Brutal Legend game staring actor Jack Black.

Activision claims in the lawsuit that Double Fine was paid 15 million dollars to deliver the property then failed to finish the game by last years deadlines, asking for 7 million dollars and an additional 9 months to work. The studio later sold the completed property to EA.

Electronic Arts is not named as a party in Activision’s lawsuit, and the litigation has not stopped them from making Brutal Legend one of the set pieces at their E3 showcase this week.

“Hey, if Activision liked it, then they should have put a ring on it,” Double Fine Productions President Tim Shafer said.

Well put Tim. Brutal Legend is set to release in October.

Activision Sues to Stop Jack Black Game

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