God of War III – Second to Uncharted 2

I’m sure most of us can agree that GOW3 was one of the 3 heavy hitters at E3. But exactly where does God of War 3 stand next to Uncharted and Splinter Cell Conviction. First, the graphics on this game are truly one of the best seen on a video game to date. It is great to see how much attention they paid to detail and even more on Kratos, Mr. God of War, himself. In addition to having some of the best graphics thus far, God of War III delivers with new weapons and combat system any gamer can ask for. This latest installment will truly satisfy gamers with its gory gameplay that allows you to almost do anything you can imagine. That being said, God of War III is one of the most anticipated games for next year along with other heavy hitters for the year of 2010. Check out the video below and im sure you will agree.

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  • I understand that God of War 3 is highly anticipated, but, for me, it barely registered. The biggest factor there is my lack of PS3, but it isn’t the only one. Like many have said: GoW3 is just more of the same. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I just felt there were a few new things–or at least not-as-repetitive games–that stood out more.

    Uncharted looked really good, but I felt like that was somewhat over-hyped.

    For me, Alan Wake looked outstanding. A truly creepy new IP in the vein of Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark, and–from the film category–In the Mouth of Madness.

    Splinter Cell (a series of which I’ve never been a fan) Conviction looked like it’s stepped beyond the traditional stealth game.

    Assassin’s Creed 2, even though it’s a direct sequel, well, at least it has a few new implements and it’s only the first sequel (although I’m sure there’ll be more.

    One thing that did excite me about GoW3, as a horror movie fan, was the outrageous gore. Fantastic.