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Game Review: inFAMOUS
Third-Person Action Adventure
Sucker Punch
Available Platforms: PS3 Exclusive
ESRB Rating:
Website: inFAMOUS

Sucker Punch studios which are famous for the “Sly Cooper” series on the PlayStation 2, takes their first of hopefully many spins around the block on the PS3 with inFAMOUS

Before we go any further with this review, I must take this time to let you know that yes, the spelling for “inFAMOUS” is “inFAMOUS” on the box and throughout the game. I watched an interview with one of the creators of the inFAMOUS and he had no official answer for the spelling of the name, but a couple readers of the PS Blog (myself included) figured it had something to do with the choices in the game: you could be “famous” or “inFAMOUS”.

You play as “Cole” who is the (anti)hero. You are somehow in the middle of a government conspiracy surrounding a new “super weapon” and it is up to you to figure out what is going on in order to save the city, or to save yourself

When you insert the game in your console for the first time there is a brief install time. How brief? If you leave to get a soda, you just might miss it. As you play through the easy to follow tutorial level, you are given a Moral Dilemma right away; I will not spoil it for you, but your choice here sets you on a path throughout the game. As you progress through this “sandbox game”, (games where you can complete missions in an order you choose) your “Heads up Display” (HUD) lets you know how “Good” or “Bad” you are in the game. The more in the Blue you are, the more civilians like you and will help you out, the more in the Red you are the more likely citizens will run away from you, or even attack. There is no traditional “Life Meter” to be found in this game; instead, you will know how much life you have by the color and clarity of the screen. Full vibrant colors = Full Health. Blood spatters, Gray colors and a Thumping Heartbeat = Death is knocking on your door.

There are many views like this to see.

The game had lots of opportunities for wall scaling, meaning if you could touch it, you could climb it. This reminded me of Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed; and other parts where you had to shock people with various electric-based attacks reminded me of many different third-person shooters. There are many points within the story where you have to choose to be good or evil. There really is not much room for “Shades of Gray”

The scenery was breath-taking.

I thought that Sucker Punch did an electrifying job (sorry, couldn’t resist) with the backdrop they provided with this story. Having this story take place in the near future after a disaster takes place was a great idea for a setting dealing with someone who has super human powers. Yes, it will look “weird” to civilians, but that is the least of their worries as many are sick, starving, and looking for ways to survive. In addition to the scenery and choice of location with this game, I was impressed with the time Sucker Punch took in putting the graphics together. They took attention into the scenery all the way down to the holes in the chain link fences.

The controls felt good also; since I just completed another third person shooter, the “lightning attacks” did not feel foreign; even the melee button fit right into the controls. Another thing I did personally enjoy was the Heads up Display (HUD) I felt it was very clean and intuitive it didn’t’ take away from the action on the screen, and you were aware of what was going on. Something else I was happy to see was that your skill level would cause the game to become harder or easier. It was great because the AI thought I was good at the game, but it was bad because the enemies were smarter and more difficult to defeat, especially for an initial play through.

Electricity is your best friend.

As with any video game, there are things that will get on your nerves, and other things that will only slightly annoy. One of my issues were with the camera angles; although it is close to impossible to have perfect camera angles at all times, I felt there were times that it could have been a little tighter. Another thing that bothered me was the need to “grab on” to a surface. There were times I was trying to reach the ground to engage in combat, but my character insisted on grabbing onto a ledge, or a stump, or a pole, which lead to death.

Delano’s Final Say: I would recommend you play through the game at least twice; once all the way good and once all the way evil not just for the trophies (there are quite a few, 50 to be exact37 bronze ,11 silver, 1 gold, 1 platinum) but also for the sake of story line. I personally went through the game to become inFAMOUS and honestly, the end game will shock and amaze you. Enjoy.

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  • Mike

    Hey man, thanks for the great review. After reading what you wrote, I went out and got the game, and i gotta tell you, everything you said was spot on right down to the ending. Thanks for the great Delano, and Ill definitely listen to your recommendation next time it comes around. Now its time to go be famous… (i too chose inFAMOUS for my first go round… lol)

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  • Jesse R.

    Nice review, but I would have liked to have heard more about Cole’s skills and the game’s quests. Is there much variety or is the game short enough for that to not be a problem?

  • Kosamus

    I hear Cole comes out of the closet in the final moments of the game and you marry the president. Craziest ending ever. lol

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  • Jose Colmenares

    Man, I really need to check this game out! Sounds great, thanks for the awesome review!

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