Seven Deaths in Nagamachi is available on the App Store


You might remember EJ joining the Platform Nation community on our last Breakfast Cast from E3. Well EJ actually works over at RESOLUTE Games and they just released a new game called Seven Deaths in Nagamachi, or just 7Deaths in the Apple Store. Anyways it looks pretty cool and I just wanted to give you guys the heads up. If you do get to check it out, let us know what you thought about the game. Seven Deaths in Nagamachi 7Deaths

RESOLUTE Games Corp. announces its third game title, “Seven Deaths in Nagamachi,” (“7Deaths”) a fighting game that uses the touch screens of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Players can follow the lives of eight characters through one night in Nagamachi. Through a battle of control in the city, only one will survive the night.

“The idea is to let players really feel like they are in Nagamachi,” says CEO Chris Przybyszewski. “We spent a lot of time on the background art and the music to create an immersive experience coupled with fast, exciting gameplay.”

Gameplay in 7Deaths is simple, but fast. Fighters face off in one of eight hand-crafted environments. Tension mounts as a visual timers counts off the seconds to start the fight. When the signal is given, the player must swipe a finger across the screen in a cutting motion as soon as possible. Whoever is fastest wins! In the case of a tie, the player is given a second chance to counter-attack, hitting a random part of the screen where the counter icon flashes.

Each character in 7Deaths has a unique story, allowing players to fully understand the town of Nagamachi through playing all characters. For further challenge, the game features a multi-player mode.

Full list of features:
– Fully-animated characters with unique backgrounds in martial arts
– Unique stories to provide an immersive experience
– Brilliant ending screens to provide closure for each story
– Beautifully-painted scenes to illustrate each character’s lifestyle
– Beautiful and original music scores that draw you in and make you forget this is just a game
– A full tutorial shows you how to correctly defeat your opponents
– Two separate types of attacks, defeat your opponents with either a single strike or a counter attack
– Future updates will include a Wifi multi-player mode, player achievements, and social media interaction!


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