Big Surf Island for Burnout Drops Soon, Gets Price Tag


Yeah, remember that game? Criterion just keeps adding to Burnout Paradise, and their latest and greatest addition to the game, Big Surf Island, will be available for purchase and download this Thursday, June 11th on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 1,000 Microsoft Points and on the Playstation Network for $12.99.

This downloadable content will add a considerable amount of driving space to Paradise city, so if you had a hard time keeping your bearings before…good luck finding your way around with all the Big Surf streets added to the mix. Along with the added areas, Big Surf Island comes with nine new vehicles, a new island specific driver’s license, new hidden areas, new events and challenges, and some of the game’s biggest jumps yet.

“Big Surf Island is the most fun players can have in Burnout Paradise and provides incredible value for money,” says Pete Lake, Big Surf Island producer at Criterion Games. “We listened to our community and built this massive new playground for them, taking everything they loved about the game and using it to make the Island as much fun as possible. Big Surf Island is packed full of action, everything is bigger and better, from the jumps, to the challenges, to the fun you’ll have playing there.”

We can only imagine that with all this new content there will be more than a few players out there tugging on their gaming e-brakes and doing a quick 180 to get back into Burnout Paradise this week.

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  • Racingfreak92

    1000! Waaaaaay to much. Quite dissapointed in this