“Coffins” Discontinued


As most Xbox 360 owners know the box we get sent when our favorite gaming console decides to take a unscheduled vacation has been dubbed as the “Coffin” by the gaming community.  Well Microsoft will no longer be sending out coffins to those who call in to have their console fixed.  Instead they will be sent a UPS label through their email and you will have to find your own box and pack it up all nice and snug for their upcoming trip.  Microsoft has decided to change it’s policy of sending out the boxes to save time in getting your 360 shipped so it can be fixed faster and also to save some money on the shipping cost of the empty box to you.  This does not only affect the 360, but it is also the policy for Microsoft’s Zune and I know that as first hand experience as my Zune has been shipped back twice in the last 3 months and the first time Microsoft shipped the little coffin to my home and the second time I had to find my own box.  So if you have your box from your 360 or Zune save it until your warranty runs out just in case your console decides to vacation without you.

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