EA Whacks The Godfather

While E3 was the place to show games that are coming out – EA also spent some time chatting to the LA Times and let them know that they have no plans to develop any more games based on The Godfather franchise.

EA Games Label President, Frank Gibeau, was quoted as saying that they have no plans to publish another one and that there was no sign of it in the schedule for the next three years. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if this is a good thing or not.

According to Joystiq, EA’s PR contacted The Times to let them know that no decision has been made on the series and that they enjoy having Paramount has a partner. It’s left everyone speculating that EA has toned down their focus on licensed properties and is more interested in creating solid original franchises. Quite a difference considering this is the company that was famous for milking every last drop out of their franchises.

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