Weeds Season 5 Premiere

Image by Steve519 via Flickr

Yesterday for those that didn’t know, Weeds, a hit that is aired on Showtime, kicked off its 5th season. It followed up season 4 where… oops, I almost spoiled that for those that haven’t watched it yet. Anyways, if you happen to have Showtime, make sure you check out this hit because I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. And for those fans of the show Weeds, why don’t you guys come by our forums and discuss the show here in our Weeds topic, don’t worry, we hid the spoilers.

And for those that have watched it the other seasons but not the premier yet, here is a refresher for you, Everything you need to know about Weeds before tonight’s season premiere (

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  • Is up on Netflix right now. Damn I hate watching this show when it airs. I like to wait until the season is over and watch it all at once.