Why Flight Control Rocks

It’s the simplicity of it that keeps me going back for more. Again and again and again.

Flight Control Flight Control has just been updated with two new ‘airports’ and the ability to speed things up when they are a bit slow… you know for the first 25 planes…

This is old school gaming addiction at its best, the urge to go back for one more go, to best that high score, just keep nagging at you.

One of the new maps is almost hardcore Flight Control. An aircraft carrier is all you’ve got to land your planes on, and naturally most of them are fast moving jets, heading for the same runway. Believe me when I say, I’m a long way from mastering this particular map, but still I go back for more.


The second new map is less tricky to master but enough of an alternative to the original to be entertaining. Two helipads give you options with the helicopters and there is a good mix of new and old aircraft to keep you fully occupied.

flight 2

The iPod Touch and iPhone have revolutionized mobile gaming, making games accessible to millions but few of the games keep you coming back for more like Flight Control and the free update is a must have if you own one.  Flight Control rocks because it takes a simple premise and doesn’t try to be anything more than it is.  Smart, intuitive use of the touch screen and lovely simplistic visuals.  I’m waiting for Nintendo to announce the £40 Wii version, surely an inevitability.

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