Futurama Is Back


It’s official Futurama is back on Comedy Central  for another 26 new episodes starting in 2010 as reported by EW.  The series originally aired on Fox in 1999 and was canceled in 2003, at which point reruns started being aired on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network until the contract expired in 2007.  Comedy Central then began airing Futurama in 2008.

The Sci-fi sitcom created by Matt Groening follows the adventures of Philip J. Fry a New York Pizza delivery boy who was cryogenically frozen at the start of 2000 and was thawed out New Years Eve 2999 to find the New York City he once knew covered up by New New York.

Welcome back Futurama, I can’t wait to see the new adventures of Fry, Leela, Bender and the rest of the animated cast.

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  • Holy hell Futurama is coming back for sure!

    Holy hell there is a tv and movies section of PN!

    Awesome on top of awesome.

  • Racingfreak92

    Love the show good to see its coming back but I hope it’s better than the movies which were mostly crap