Who’s Playing You? Gamer The Movie


This Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller movie, written and directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor looks like a great movie especially for the hardcore gaming crowd.  As denoted by the movie poster, Gamer will be released September 4th, 2009.  A simple explanation is that in the future, gaming has evolved into people controlling real humans through a video game called Slayer in a real all out war.  The soldiers(players) being used (controlled) are prisoners, and if they survive 30 deathmatches then they are set free, although nobody has ever lasted that long.  For those of you who want to check it out, here’s the official website.

Look like the future of Project Natal anyone?  😉

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  • Snaven Shake

    My interest in this movie is cautiously optimistic. I like Gerard Butler and the concept, while nerdy, is something we have as gamers, all probably thought about.

    Hope it turns out good, I will wait for reviews from GAMERS before checking it out.

  • i love the acting skills of Gerard Butler. he is definitely a great action star.-`’

  • Gerard Butler is the favorite actor of my sister because he got this macho factor.'”;