Exclusive Behind The Scenes With Milo

Just recently, one of the Platform Nation podcasts, The Fanboys, was able to get an in depth look into one of Microsoft’s newest projects, Milo.

Before I share their behind the scenes audio of what they experienced with Milo, I want to show you what Microsoft showed everyone else in their highly edited version of this new “experience”.

Now I just want to remind you that the clip that Microsoft showed was highly edited and highly scripted, this next clip will show you that Milo did not actually work as smooth as Microsoft and Peter Molyneux wanted you to believe. Mik from The Fanboys, actually got some hands on time with Milo and he recorded the audio of his experience and this is what we want to show you. Below you will find an audio clip/highlight of this his time with Milo.

Well I hope you enjoyed hearing the truth as much as I did. Do us a favor and leave some comments on what you thought. And if you enjoyed this clip, make sure to check out not only their newest show but, The Fanboys at their website, You can subscribe to their podcast and even check out the other Platform Nation podcasts for your listening pleasure. By the way, if you didn’t already know, that audio clip was a spoof.

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  • I laughed my ass off I loved it!! By the way Milo gave me bad dreams for 2 days after seeing him.

  • Jose Colmenares

    Hahaha, that’s awesome, I love it! I hear that’s how a lot of people’s experiences were with Milo… Haha

  • Kosamus

    British kids scare the shit out of me.

  • Snaven Shake

    That was fucking hilarious.