Which Is More Fun To Kill? Nazis VS Zombies

Both of these virtual enemies have tried killing players over and over throughout the years.  Games filled with them usually have a very simple mission; kill anything that gets in your way.  So, which enemy is more fun to demolish over and over again?  Let’s stack them up.


Nazis:  These enemies have been a mainstay in video game villains for years.  Starting up Medal of Honor, Company of Heroes or Wolfenstein gamers were only one step away from some warm fuzzy Nazi killing memories.  Nazis are synonymous with evil.  No one has a soft spot in their heart for Nazis except other Nazis, and who cares what they think?  Nazis have been virtually gunned down in a variety of ways; tanks, mortars, machine guns, pistols, fire, grenades, etc.  Gamers do not feel remorse after using any of these weapons because gamers know that the Nazis don’t feel remorse while the player watches the game over screen.  After taking out one Nazi, the only thing on a gamer’s mind is how to take out the next one.  Video game Nazis are great villains for gamers to take out their anger on and still be allowed to walk the streets the next day.


Zombies:  Zombies are all the rage right now.  Want a game to sell a few more copies?  Throw some zombies in and watch the sales numbers rise.  Despite that, gamers never tire of wiping them off the face of the earth. There are many different rules zombies can follow.  Sometimes they run, and sometimes they can only walk.  Most of the time they are mindless, but a few have some brains in that undead head.  No matter what the rules, they are always fun to kill.  They look and sound human, but while going on a zombie murdering rampage players can rest assured that those decomposing bastards are the nothing but an undead horde.  There is no need to feel bad killing zombies by the thousands since they are nothing but walking killing machines themselves.

Winner……. Zombies!

Zombies beat the Nazis for a simple reason: variety.  Not variety in the zombies, but a variety of ways to kill those undead bastards.  Killing nazis is almost always limited to standard military weapons.  Zombies have been destroyed by lawn mowers, bowling balls, improvised pipe bombs, gravity guns, a front lawn full of living plants and everything in between.  Soon I hope to be thinning zombie ranks on a motorcycle with chainsaws attached to it and a frying pan.  Zombies have populated malls, hospitals, and secret underground laboratories.  Zombie numbers never run out and they never stop.  Zombies are more of a force of nature than a group of enemies.  Killing both of these villains is always fun, but the undead horde is more fun to butcher any day of the week.

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  • some bowling balls are heavy and i accidentally dropped one on my foot. it is quite painfull;~`

  • Im making a game about Nazis VS Zombies…