Brand New Engine for Metal Gear Rising

The comment made about  Metal Gear Solid 4 not being able to run on the Xbox 360 seems to get truer by the day.

According to the latest Kojima Productions Podcast, the team is working on developing a brand new engine for Raiden’s next outing stating the reason is so they can “realize this multiplatform goal”.

Host of the show Sean Eyestone went on to say that they’re redoing the engine from scratch and are serious about making it look as good as possible on every platform. They also mentioned it is going to be a big project like Metal Gear Solid 4 – translation, expect to see it later rather then sooner.

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  • Nathan Hardisty

    I hate to sound cynical, but this sounds like they’re just downsizing the game to make sure it works on the 360.

  • It sure does seem that way

  • Echo307

    That’s really a shame, but downsized or not, they’ve got a track record of putting out amazing games. I’m sure it probably be great, and more gamers than ever will get to play it.