Qore: One Year Later

It’s been a year since Qore premiered on the PlayStation Network. When it launched, it was advertised as an interactive monthly gaming program in HD, which would feature exclusive news, developer interviews, in-depth previews, and special access to game demos, beta invitations, game add-ons and other downloadable game-related content. So how as the program fared?


Over the past year, Qore has certainly delivered on the promise of providing video content in HD. There have been a number of good interviews and behind the scenes features on new games. Qore has provided early access to a number of betas, including PlayStation Home and Resistance 2. Overall, each episode has been reasonably entertaining and has provided interesting behind the scenes information.

Unfortunately, Qore still has a few kinks to work out. The most notable criticism of the service is the advertisements that exist in the program, with many claiming that since Qore is a paid for, premium service, it shouldn’t contain so many advertisements. Additionally, Qore seems to be a little light on content. Each issue usually contains 2-3 features, with each feature usually consisting of a single video or developer interview and an image gallery. The depth of content is even more troubling in light of in-program advertisements.

Overall, Qore seems to be a fair value for the money. Qore has certainly delivered on the promise of providing early access to many different betas over the last year. However, the depth and breadth of content does currently seem a little limited. While Qore generally focuses on games that haven’t been released yet, I find I enjoy watching Pulse (which focuses on released games) just as much—and it’s free. While the per-price issue of Qore isn’t all that expensive, Sony needs to continue to show the value that subscribing to this service provides to the gaming community.

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  • mik

    I think Qore has been a great value so far. In addition to the beta access, there have been a few demos that were available first on Qore, and, don’t forget, subscribers received three free PSN games (Calling All Cars, High Velocity Bowling, and Linger in Shadows) which on their own are enough to offset the subscription cost.


    Being from the UK, we don’t have qore. I have managed to download series 11 but I am unable to download the rest which is a shame as far as playststion eu is concerned the don’t seem at all bothered in providing any kind of decent content. I think it would only be fair to day that were even lacking in the video download service which the Americas have dome thing needs to change at playststion eu

  • I purchased it last month (2 days after the beta cut off) and I was pretty disappointed. Especially with this months episode having nothing of value other then the leaking of the PSPGO! video. Sure High velocity bowling was free but it sucks anyways so not really worth it. I hope next month brings some better content to change my mind.

  • @mik expect for Calling All Cars, those other games/art forms are a joke.

    I think Qore is an ok product, I do feel though that there is way to much advertising for a program that we have to pay for.

    I also feel that they need to add PS3 bluetooth support to Qore, that is something that should have been supported from that start.

  • mik

    I’m not sure if you haven’t looked at it for a while or what, but there’s very little advertising, and what’s there can be skipped.

    Of course, game opinions are wildly subjective, but I think High Velocity Bowling is a pretty fun little game to have sitting there on the XMB–and they’ve released free DLC for it to boot.

    Linger in Shadows is something that I think is really interesting, but I’d never have bought it, so its inclusion was a nice bonus.

  • Mark

    Waste of money, I laugh at anyone who pays for this.

  • Anthony

    Then laugh at me. Through Qore, I have been invited to the Resistance 2 beta, the Socom beta and have gotten Syphon Filter, Calling All Cars, Linger in Shadows and High Velocity bowling, not to mention all kinds of cool previews of games that no other source has shown me.

    And the advertisements are short, so who cares? for what comes out to about 2 bucks a month, this is totally worth it. So i laugh at anyone who DOESN’t buy this. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • “which would feature exclusive news, developer interviews, in-depth previews, and special access to game demos, beta invitations, game add-ons and other downloadable game-related content.”

    You know, maybe I should sign up for this sh*

  • S. Bains

    It would be good if Qore listed upfront which PSN games will be free as I had bought 2/3 outside of Qore only then to find they were free. They should have offered store credit instead.

    Qore also needs to offer deeper coverage and more breadth rather than just focus on one big title and two others.

    For a paid serviec, I expected more depth and less advertisements. I still have not been able to get the June edition of Qore

  • Alan

    The depth of content could be greater, but the free beta invites and software giveaways make up for it and justify the price of a subscription. I am satisfied with my purchase.

  • qore is a lie

    Qore is a bullshit lie

  • Mark

    I am laughing at you Anthony, betas to shit games, previews and themes that appear hours later on the web.

    Oh yes, i’m laughing at you, hard.

    Get milked some more, ROFL.

  • name

    sony need to stop giving everyone out side of the US the finger and suply EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE.
    hasent the ps3 been released out of the US?
    people out side of the US havent spent thousands on there ps3 plus accsessories plus games them selvs.
    US gets all the betas U2 beta i got a code but i cant use it because im not in the US man that pissed me off.
    99.9% of the stuff thats on the US store is not on other PSN stores.
    and demos the US some times gets demos early.
    like the KZ2 demo or the infamous demo.
    or exclusive content for games like guides of limited editions.
    count up ALL the exclusives sony has published not 1 of them bar infamous has a limited edition in australia.
    NOT 1 and no guides WTF guides something simple we still miss out on.
    were paying more for the stuff.
    400 US compare to 700AU for 1 ps3.
    60 US compare to 110 or 120 AU for games.
    and we still miss out on most of the crap.
    how does that work we pay for a lambo and get a ford.
    the US pays for a ford and gets a lambo hows that fair?


    I have to agree with the last blog about the U.S getting all the stuff and it not being distributed fairly to the rest of the nation that have bought into the ps3.

    I paid loads for this console and its games and continue to invest in it but for little reward from playstion unless of course i lived in the U.S.

    I think they should take a leaf out of microsofts/Nintendo book and offer it to everyone. This include the video download service instead of this vidzone id rather be watching MOvies not music videos.