Need for Speed SHIFT Has New Driver Profile System

By Jason Wadsworth


The newest addition to the Need for Speed series of games recently announced by EA might not be recognizable as a Need for Speed game at first glance. The series is known for its arcade style racing, is entering a new arena with its newest title, Need for Speed SHIFT. While games like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo have long ruled the simulation racing space, SHIFT revs its engine in challenge with its focus on bringing a more realistic race simulation to the Need for Speed series. EA also hopes that the title can bring some innovations to the genre and have released some details on what they are calling their “Driver Profile” system.

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The Driver Profile is a career mode that is custom built for each player based on their performance in four categories – personality, success, profile points, and badges.

Personality is determined by how a player drives in the game, whether they drive aggressively or with precision. Success is calculated based on your placement in the games races. Profile points are awarded for things like passing cars, mastering corners, and taking out opponents. And badges act like an in-game achievement system.

Taking all these variable into consideration, the driver profile system tailors the players career mode with specific challenges, rivalries, car unlocks, and customization options all based on that player’s in game “profile”.

“The new driver profile feature in Need for Speed SHIFT gives players full control of how they progress through game,” says Patrick Soderlund, Senior Vice President of EA Games Europe. “In SHIFT, how you drive is who you are behind the wheel.”

Perhaps this customization will create some interest among players that are looking for more than pure race simulation.

Need for Speed shift is set for release on September 22nd in the US for the PC, the Playstation 3, the PSP, and the Xbox 360.

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