P*N Tech Review: Nike + iTouch

Well do I have a story for you, and it isn’t even related to the actual function of the product. Firstly I went to my local sports store and purchased a Nike + sensor (not the Sport Kit) for $20. When I got it home I went into the settings on my iPod touch and it told me to walk around to activate the sensor… so I shook it in my hand and my iPod detected it, so I put it away to use later.


So when later came around and I felt a small (ever so small) inclination to go for a run I tried to pair my sensor with my iPod touch again and it simply would not detect it. So I called Apple Care to take advantage of my 1 year warranty. And I soon learned another reason to love Apple… their support technicians are from the good old USA. Yes, unlike Microsoft’s Indian tech support. And thank God they were, because I spent soooo much time on the phone with them. Now to save you guys my suffering I will just say that 3 calls, and 2 grand waivers later I had a working sensor.

And it worked great, for that one time I went on a run, then I just put it on the shelf and haven’t touched it since. But because this is a review about Nike + iPod Touch, I thought I might just tell you a bit about how it all works when it works. Firstly you pair you sensor, and pick a “powersong” to play when you start slowing down and need motivation. All of this occurs in the iPod Touches settings app. Once you turn on Nike + iPod a new app will be added to your home screen.

Once everything is set up you just pick which type of workout to do, and what playlist to listen to, and then you run or walk and the iPod will do everything else. If you choose a distance or timed work out the iPod will tell you when you are halfway done so you can turn around and not get stuck miles away from home after your workout is finished. When your workout is finished you will get stats such as distance traveled, calories burned, and you average mile time. When you plug you iPod into you computer it will sync with and will track all of you stats, and it will even let you challenge friends, or participate in sponsored runs.

Over all nike + ipod worked great after it started working. I would strongly recomend yo buy this directly from to ensure you arn’t getting an old sensor with a dead battery. If you are a runner, or want to start running, I would definatly recommend this product.

*Also, feel free to tell us if you would like to see more reviews of non-game related technology here on P*N.

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