Xbox Live Is Down


Just a reminder that Xbox Live will be down for 24 hours today, so what are you to do you ask?  Well I have compiled a list of things you may want to do. The list is in no particular order.

-Go outside and take a walk

-Wash your vehicle, it’s been awhile

-Knit a sweater, by time you done winter will be here

-Go to P*N’s forums and make some new friends

-Go catch a Movie

-Organize your 360 games in the order you will play them when Live is back up

-Dust of the DS and give that a go for awhile

-Make sure your PSP is updated with the latest firmware

-Go out to dinner instead of ordering in

-Just fire up the PlayStation 3 and get your game on

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  • kyler

    wow i did all this today and time flew by thx alot i just finished my movie and it’s 12:08 and live is still down waiting watching family guy, peace
    -kyler M. T