Guide to the iPhone 3.0 Software Update

It has finally landed. Approximately 70 minutes ago, Apple hit the go button and the 3.0 software got pumped out to servers across the world and straight into your iPhone and iPod Touches. So many new things, but how will you know how to find it all. Prepare yourself for a giant list and reviews of all of the new features that are jumping onto one of the most revolutionary devices of the 21th century.

1copy 2paste

Copy and Paste – Yes, the feature that you have literally been waiting for since the release of the first iPhone. It makes perfect sense for the iPhone to have copy and paste and now it does, and trust me, it works! Double tap anywhere in the text window and the smooth copy and paste box will jump out to greet you. Then it’s just simple to paste it anywhere else.


Landscape Keyboard – Landscape typing is here for all of the official iPhone apps, such as Mail, Notes, Messages AND Safari. Much easier to type with such a large keyboard.


Search – This is something that is totally new and totally exciting in 3.0. From the Home Screen, one swipe to the left will take you straight to the search screen, once on this screen, you can type in anything and it will search every part of your iPhone, from your contacts, to your music, to your emails. And they will all be displayed in an easy to read and easy to click on screen.


MMS – You can finally send pictures messages from your phone, you know, the functuonality that every other phone in existence has, now you can do it, literally take pictures and send them in a message within seconds!

6voicememosVoice Memos – Record anything on your iPhone, podcasts, interviews, meetings. They will all be saved to your iPhone with this awesome application.



Push Notifications – Signed into an IM piece of software and hate having to keep going back on to check for messages, well Push Notification can be enabled for apps like the AIM app, and it’ll let you know when you have a new message!


iTunes Store Movie Purchases – You don’t exclusively have to buy your movies on your iTunes on your desktop anymore, now you can purchase and download full movies straight to your iPhone, this is perfect for long flights or train journeys.


Stocks Update – The stocks application has been greatly improved, adding landscape support for a much more in-depth look at the stocks. Also stock news is avaliable with a simple swipe to the side.


Internet Tethering – Not avaliable yet in the U.S, but for anyone else, plug into your PC and you can use your iPhone 3G to connect your PC to the web!

11notesNote Syncronization – Don’t have a pen and paper? Write it on the notes app, and then sync it with your Mac!


iTunes Account – You aren’t trapped in one iTunes account anymore, you have the power to edit your iTunes account and are able to log in and out on the fly.



Youtube Login – The Youtube app isn’t just the same boring experience having to search for your favourite videos, now if you have a Youtube account, you can not only login and check out your own videos, but you can look at your subscriptions and check out new videos on the go!


Shake to Shuffle – Shake your iPhone, Shuffle your music, no pressing required.


Music App Changes – For audiobooks you can change the speed that it is read, and for things like music you can change how fast they rewind or fast forward.


In-App purchases – Finished the game and want to download more levels from in the app, now you can with developers having the ability to charge for In-App purchases.

And many many more……..But these are the main improvements!

Hope this guide helped. The iPhone 3.0 Update is Avaliable on iTunes NOW!

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