M*A*S*H Collection


Your favorite team of doctors and support staff from the 4077th is available today from for $85.99.  The 35 disc collection spans all 11 season of the long running medical drama/situation comedy T.V. show of the 70’s and 80’s.  A lot of the shows where based on actual events that took place during the surgeons time in Vietnam.   The series spanned 251 episodes and lasted 11 seasons and the finale became the most watched television episode in American history.

So if your a M*A*S*H fan check this one out as it is a huge savings over the regular price.

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  • Bobby Gonzalez (nerdygonzo)

    I think I am the only 21 year old who has seen and liked MASH. Also Alan Alda on 30 Rock produced one of the funniest jokes on the show. A parody of one of the most well known scene on Mash and the show itself. Brilliant!