Modern Warfare 2 Will Have Collector’s Edition

By Jason Wadsworth


Collector’s and “limited” editions are all the rage right now. Most blockbuster titles dropping these days have their own big box versions with additions like exclusive game content, toys, books, and other wacky extra ranging from the useless to the utterly bizarre. And according to a new Gamestop listing, Activision and Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 will be joining the fraternity of gamer fluff with its collector’s edition.

To be fair, Activision hasn’t made any official announcements concerning the actual contents of the collector’s edition package yet, so it’s very possible that the $79.99 price tag will be well worth every cent. Fortunately, according to Joystiq, Robert Bowling, the Infinity Ward community manager, has said he will do an unboxing video of the collectors edition as soon as he has it in his hands.

Just a thought, but wouldn’t a cat sized ghillie suit look pretty good when paired with a certain space marine helmet of feline proportions?

Source Big Download (via Joystiq)