Payne-ful Changes


If you haven’t read the latest issue of Game Informer or seen the scans online – Rockstar has discussed some of the changes they are making to Max Payne in his upcoming title.

The most obvious change is his appearance – he’s fat, he’s bald and the only resemblance between him and Mark Wahlberg is that they’re both male. He’s not exactly the clean cut cop we saw in the original titles. What’s even more surprising is that Rockstar plan to keep the “bullet-time” gameplay – does this mean we’ll see some jiggling when he make dives through the air? Will he run out of breath when running down a corridor? Will junk food replace the painkillers?

The article also mentions that James McCaffrey, the original voice of Max, will not be returning as the voice of Mr Payne. Rockstar has promised they’re not looking for an “established star” but will find someone that suits Max’s new appearance.

It appears that only aspect of the new game that will remain true to the series is the themes – art director Rob Nelson said that “manipulation, betrayal and the stuff that really made Max Payne” will remain intact and further explore Max’s psyche.

The internet seems to have mixed feelings on the changes to their beloved character but we’ll all have to wait and see what else Rockstar has in store for us when Max Payne 3 hits shelves later this year.

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