Breakdown Of What’s New On

Xbox Live is back after 24 hours of downtime for upgrades, and with that, they have pumped out a refreshing new look to the My Xbox section of the website, while the new look doesn’t necessarily add anything functionality, it definitely makes the online experience easier to navigate.

Here is a step by step look at the new look of the My Xbox section.

For starters, here is the main section of the My Profile page. The whole experience has suddenly become extremely avatar friendly. Seriously, people will always have some kind of avatars next to their name. And for some reason, they are all glowing in an alien type look.

3 of your friends will also be displayed on the My Xbox page, these will be the three people that are online and the games that they are playing will be shown in a small box, simular to the friends section on the nXe. You will be able to scroll over them and then get instant access to messaging them, look at the profile, and even comparing achievements with them. Oh, and an extremely radiated avatar picture.

The last 5 games that you have been playing are also displayed with the gamerscore below them. You even have the last played games achievements at the bottom too.

A nice new flash box has been added with the Most Popular and the Most Recent addition to any section of the Marketplace which you can select by using the drop down box and then you have the ability to scroll through them.

The friends list looks different too, sporting a much more darker look. Which i think looks good. Easier to see which of your friends are online and offline and even the ones that haven’t accepted yet.


The seperate profiles for the people are simular to your own profile on the My Xbox button, but this time they have the 6 last games that the person has played, and the avatar saying the motto. Even the name and the location.

Finally the achievements page is still pretty much exactly the same. But also has a nice dark look to it.

While the updates to don’t feature very many new things, they are definately a refereshing look at how to navigate the website with ease.

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  • Good to see that they are following through on their promise to keep avatars as something “optional” for gamers to choose. Zing!

  • Krazy, this is yet another masterpiece breakdown on your part. Great job man!

  • baraboodish

    the glow behind the avatar indicates if they are a gold or silver member

  • FYI:

    The glow behind the avatar is to signify the type of account/subscription they have.

    Gold=Gold Accounts
    Silver=Silver Accounts

    • I didn’t even think about that. But when I looked I only had gold subscribers online so I didn’t even notice that.

  • Did you notice that you can mouse over the gamerpics on your friends list to get the same pop up box that you see on the home page?