Blizzard Possibly Working to Release Starcraft 2 This Year

By Jason Wadsworth


Since it announced Starcraft 2 at their Worldwide Invitational in Seoul in 2007, Blizzard has remained extremely tight-lipped about the release window for this juggernaut RTS sequel. That silence has finally been broken, however, as we heard the first peep concerning the timing of Starcraft 2’s release during a live interview that was part of DreamHack, the world’s largest computer festival which took place recently in Sweden.

From the Blizzard offices in the U.S., Chris Sigaty, lead designer for Starcraft 2, commented that Blizzard is “working really hard on it and we’re getting very, very close” and that they are “…not years away at this point; we’re not even quarters away at this point.” This is obviously not an official announcement of the game’s release date, and it’s not uncommon for release date to be pushed back. It’s also very possible that Sigaty was talking about the Starcraft 2 Beta and not the game itself since he was answering a vague questions about the beta and whether he would be making any official announcements during the interview. Either way, Sigaty seems confident that the game, or at least the beta will be available soon.

You can catch the full interview on the Swedish site Press2Play and jump to your own conclusions. The clip starts in Swedish, but the actual interview is in English. If you check it out, you’ll also hear some other juicy tidbits about the game’s campaigns, music, and development.