Exclusive Fallout 3 Point Lookout Interview

I recently had a chance to ask Jeff Gardiner, lead producer for the Fallout 3 DLC a few questions about their upcoming DLC, Point Lookout. I was even able to get a tiny bit of information about Mothership Zeta, including a name drop of a new weapon that isn’t even listed on the Fallout 3 Wiki yet. Score!

Where in the Fallout universe is Point Lookout located, and how will players access it?

Point Lookout is a State Park in Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay. The player will get a radio signal after installing Point Lookout letting them know of a strange new fruit being distributed throughout the wasteland. This fruit is being ferried over by a boatman named Tobar, who will allow you to ride back to the park with him down the Potomac River.


Can you give us any hint as to what the story of Point Lookout is?

Once the player arrives in Point Lookout they’re directed to a mansion that appears to be on fire. Once inside, the player gets entangled into helping a Ghoul named Desmond defend the mansion, and from there is asked to infiltrate a local cult known as the “Tribals,” to find out how they’re modifying the local Punga fruit and to delve into what else they’re hatching. The player will ultimately have to choose sides, a choice that isn’t black and white .

Will Point Lookout bring any substantive changes to the game?

Not in terms of new gameplay features such as additional levels. There are however lots of new creatures, items, armor, weapons and a whole new area to explore. The Point Lookout Swamp is substantive and should engross players for several hours even if they ignore the quest line.

Can we expect new weapons, armor and perks?

Point Lookout weapons are more rustic – a double barreled shotgun and large axe are just some examples. In Mothership Zeta there are several new weapons; including melee and ranged weapons. The new rifle, for instance, is called the Disintegrator. Perks for both DLC are quest related and aren’t being revealed. There are also four new achievements for both Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta.

Lengthwise, will this DLC be comparable in size to your previous DLC offerings?

Each of them should take about three to five hours to complete the main quest at a standard pace.

The new enemies share, in my opinion, a strong resemblance to the Boomers from Left 4 Dead. Am I imagining things or…?

Lot of folks here play Left 4 Dead – but the inspiration for the new “Hillfolk” found in Point Lookout is more “The Hills Have Eyes,” or some ironic take on “Deliverance.”

How long after announcing the first 3 DLC did the team decide that you wanted to continue making more?

How many DLC we were going to create was always ‘up in the air.’ That being said, we had the idea for Zeta early but decided not to create it initially. When we did decide to create two more, it was at the top of the list.

Point Lookout will be releasing on Games for Windows Live and Xbox Live on June 23, 2009. A Playstation 3 release is currently planned, but no exact date has been released.

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