Help Support Platform Nation


We normally don’t ask too much from you guys but times are changing and we could use a little help. As you might or might not know, Platform Nation has had some issues with some downtime over the past month due to server issues. We have had to move servers 3 different times, to a bigger server each time because of our growth. Because of this, we have bigger bills, way bigger then what we had previously. Now we are not going to ask for handouts, we are not going to charge for premium content, and we don’t want to litter our site with banners that take over the screen, videos that pop up, etc. What we are asking is that you check out our new store that we just opened up today in collaboration with

Platform Nation’s Amazon Store

When you buy something from our special Platform Nation’s Amazon Store, you are actually not only saving money, getting free or cheap shipping from, but you are even helping us pay the bills. The prices are the same great prices you already get from, the shipping is still free if you spend over $25, the only difference is that we get a small percentage of each sale.

So next time that you plan on buying something from, please think about us and come visit our store to complete your purchase. Thank you for supporting us.