Top – 063 We Are Pre-Ordering the New Xbox!

Show Summary:
You will be happy to hear that Matt has survived his surgical procedures and is preparing for a summer of unhindered gaming. You will be sad to hear that Bryan is out of town. Journey with us around the pool table and listen to some juicy rumors and news.

Around the Pool Table:
– Finished inFamous
– Played Prototype
– Played Red Faction: Guerilla
– Playing Burnout: Big Surf Island
-Playing LittleBigPlanet
– Watched Revolutionary Road

– Watching Supernatural
– Played NHL 09
– Played Duke Nukem 3D (XBL)

– Beat Fable: DLC Knothole Island and See the Future
– Beat inFamous
– Beat Half-Life 2: Episode 2
– Playing Zenonia (iPhone)
– Playing Burnout: Big Surf Island
– Playing Chronicles of Riddick (PS3)

TD Newscast: (all citations are links to original article)
– Rumor: App Store Coming to PSP (via Joystiq)
– Rumor: New Xbox to launch Fall 2010 (via 1up)
– Verizon Moving into the Games Business (via Kotaku)
– The guy who just talked to us at E3 is leaving Microsoft for EA (via Kotaku)

Mr Matt’s Album of the Week:
– Kasabian – Kasabian